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Our sprint for a better tomorrow for people with disabilities

At CERI, the idea of increasing employment of people with disabilities has been brewing for quite some time. With this initiative, we wanted to contribute to the activation of people with disabilities, who have enormous potential.

Marta Świerk

However, the realization of these plans was delayed by challenges that appeared on our way. Difficulties in reaching potential candidates, a formally complicated employment process and little experience in working with people with disabilities were just some of them. Nevertheless, our HR team did not give up and continually strived to increase the number of disabled employees at CERI. Eventually, we managed to establish cooperation with an institution supporting recruitment of this type, which opened new perspectives for us and encouraged us to start a sprint for a better tomorrow for people with disabilities.

The warm-up phase is full of preparation for employment of people with disabilities

The first positive experience with crowd working proved that fully remote working is possible. Online trainings also went smoothly and without any interruptions. Thus, we knew that the form of telework has a chance to prove itself in the case of people with disabilities, so as to provide them with maximum comfort of work without physical presence in the office. An idea that had been germinating at CERI for some time turned into a project called “Employment of people with disabilities”. Its main objective was to employ people with disabilities in the form of telework.

To run, ready, go!

We began our work by examining the ability to hire people with disabilities in CERI departments compared to the number of vacancies to be filled. The data we gathered allowed us to determine in which teams people with disabilities are likely to perform effectively. We then had to answer the question of whether we were able to reach out to candidates independently and ensure a smooth hiring process.

Nasz sprint po lepsze jutro dla osób niepełnosprawnych

After many analyses we came to the conclusion that the support of an external institution would make the whole process easier for us.

We were looking for support mainly in recruiting people with disabilities, substantive supervision during the hiring process and possible assistance to the employed candidates (e.g. in meeting KPIs or – in case of difficulties – in cooperation).

We thoroughly analyzed all offers. Project group considered the best choice Foundation for the Promotion of Remote Work InSpatium, with which we began cooperation.

Reaching the finish line

Currently, the HR team is working closely with InSpatium to further develop the idea of vocational activation among people with disabilities. Each recruitment is reviewed by the Foundation and interviews with candidates take place on an ongoing basis. The project has come a long way to develop solutions that meet both the needs of people with disabilities and CERI.

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