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The first step in Agile methodology


The spread of the Agile methodology has recently become a small "Copernican Revolution" in our company. The magic word "projects" and a new way of working is shared by more and more people. That's why we asked a few newcomers about their first impressions and feelings about working in Agile.

Development and team cooperation


Does it happen to you that you receive a task and your boss does not ask about the progress or remind you of the result? Or the other way round: every now and then he calls you, gives you more details and you do not know whether you should start or wait for further instructions?

Women rule!


Nearly 66% of CERI's executives are women. This percentage is much higher than the national average of 44% and the EU average of 34% (data for the third quarter of 2020, according to Eurostat). What makes women in our company so successful in managerial positions? And does gender have any impact on promotion opportunities?

Netiquette at work

| Work and development

What should netiquette look like? "Burping, picking your nose, slurping" - there are also things that happen during meetings that are not written in the agenda. What should the netiquette of professional online meetings look like? This question was addressed by a four-person team from DC's agile tact group.

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