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Sport in the face of a pandemic

There are thriving sports groups at CERI. Everyone who likes to be active will find something for themselves here. Unfortunately, when first information about upcoming virus and spreading pandemic appeared, not only the world of professional sport was questioned and wondered how the trainings and sport competitions will look like in the nearest future. At CERI, we also had to change our approach.

Kacper Konarczak
Security Specialist

Kacper Konarczak, leader of the CERI Swim Bike Run sports group, talks about his experiences and preparations for sports competitions during the pandemic.

How has the pandemic affected me and my preparation for competing in sports events?

At first I didn’t feel the negative impact – everything was going according to plan. However, after a few weeks I started to receive notifications about cancelled events and rescheduled sports competitions, restrictions and unclear legal provisions. This forced me to make changes in my life and training. The bike was promoted from the basement to the balcony, the crank was spinning, the miles were being covered, all without moving. Taking into account my 3 later starts in triathlon (GIT Ślesin, Nieporęt and Płock) it was a very good decision. For the organizers of this type of sports competition, the subsequent pandemic restrictions were not a problem. They were perfectly protected and prepared to receive even a few thousand people who wanted to break away from the sad reality.

Sports plans for the future

Richer in the experience, I have adjusted my plans for next year to reality. You’re probably wondering what I’ve changed, so I’ll put it in the list below:

  • I increased the number of competitions
  • Based on the experience of others and my own observations, I have completed/replaced the equipment that will allow me to finish any sport competition in a decent time. Not to mention the improvement of comfort. New acquisitions include a road bike, a wetsuit for cooler waters and better streamlining, a new trisuit (the old one broke from the impressionJ), swimming goggles with anti-reflective lenses, cycling shoes, new running shoes with elastic laces, kettlebell.
  • Since equipment alone cannot win sports competitions for me, my training plan has also been modified: swimming once a week – together with other members of the national team, running 1-3 times a week for 10 15km each, cycling (on a trainer) also 1-3 times a week. Often in an overlapping mode, i.e. combined with running, for example.
  • I also decided to work with a local club and become their player.

Apart from preparing for the triathlon, for a few years in Lodz there have been organized runs connected with my greatest love – food. So I regularly take part in 5 “food runs” – Donut Run, Hunger Run, Pizza Run, Cookie Run and Ice Cream Run. After completing all of them, one gets the Crown of (ironically!) Gourmands. It will be the same in the upcoming season. But even better and tastier!

As you can see, all it takes is a bit of determination, combination, hunger and you can be active all year round, regardless of the circumstances. And even though some of our sporting activities have moved online, such as yoga and fitness, you can still meet up during individual sporting competitions, of course keeping a good distance.

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